The IWBTG speed running community's collaborative effort to bring strats 
together so everyone can be The Guy and be The Guy fast.


These rules pertain to ALL categories.

  • No turbo/autofire
  • No extra key binds (i.e. having multiple shoot buttons)
  • 2 Shift keys, so 2 jump button binds is OK
  • No 'E+N+D' or 'K'

Category Rules

Anything OK in Warpless is OK

  • All warps = OK

Anything OK in Glitchless is OK

  • No Metroid/no-save warps.

  • Infinite bullets = OK
  • 'Q' (suicide) abuse = OK
  • Gradius death abuse = OK
  • 'Disable Some Effects' = OK
  • 'Disable Sound' = OK
  • No Metroid/no-save warps
  • No 'Q' (suicide) abuse
  • No infinite bullets at Wily, Gradius, or The Guy
  • No 'Disabling Some Effects'
  • No 'Disabling Sound'

  • Save-Jumping = OK
  • Dying after boss death = OK.
  • Room Of Divine Transportation = OK
  • Kraidgeif Phase 2 Skip = OK
  • Dragon Phase Skip = OK
  • Infinite bullets except places listed above = OK

Hard Mode LeaderboardsEdit


Rank Time Player Source Video Notes
1 18:34 TenShots YouTube [1]
2 ??:?? Stinkycheeseone YouTube [2] 17:50 game time. No idea how that translates to real time because there's missing footage.


Rank Time Player Source Video Notes
1 29:44 TenShots Bad run. Bad category.


Rank Time Player Source Video Notes
1 28:54 TenShots YouTube [3]
2 29:54 Sakuno
3 34:47 Samson428 Twitch [4]
4 36:52 AtomicOtaku Twitch 4
5 39:26 Fate Twitch [5]
6 39:54 Rapthorn Twitch [6]
7 40:02 IrelandOfEndor
8 40:37 Cheesey25


42:18 Denferok Twitch [7]
10 55:05 Makar4Eva Twitch [6]


Timing amongst runners generally starts when the player hits New Game and ends on the final hit of The Guy. Of course, for SDA (Speed Demos Archive) submissions, timing would end at the final cherry because by their rules the run ends after the player's final input.

Note that the in-game timer for IWBTG is extremely inaccurate and should never be used to represent your official time.

Avoiding CrashesEdit

Random Crashes:

Right-click IWBTG -> Properties -> Compatibility Tab -> Run in Windows 98 Mode -> Run as Administrator

Guaranteed Crashes:

There are 4 spots in the game where it is guaranteed to crash upon hitting 'R' (reset) even with the above fix. Fortunately there is a workaround thanks to Fate (formerly known as Kiyomi_) on Twitch! Hit F2 for New Game and reload your save file to avoid them.
Save -> F2 -> Reload Save File
Do this on the Save Points following: 
  1. The Mecha Birdo fight
  2. Dr. Wily, 2 screens over, where the drones shoot at you
  3. Mother Brain's red orb (same screen as above)
  4. The first save on the cart ride to The Guy's Fortress

Optimally, you should just hit F2 instead of "R" upon death following these screens.


Controller use or keyboard remapping (using something like AutoHotKey) is highly recommended unless you're fine playing with the default controls.

IWBTG itself doesn't save button configurations. Every time you hit F2 for New Game (see Avoiding Crashes, above) or have to re-open the game from a crash (though this shouldn't happen), you will need to reconfigure them and this ends up costing a lot of time.

Map your buttons to keyboard controls using your favorite program (XPadder , MotionInJoy , Joy2Key , etc) and you'll be set. You will most likely also need to run these programs 'as Administrator'.

Strategies, Routes, Tips, Tricks, Etc.Edit



Known Runners Past & PresentEdit